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Apple finally revealed why iMessage for Android was never out

Apple finally revealed why iMessage for Android was never out

Its great competitive advantage iOS Compared to Android, without a doubt IMessage Communications Service, Which is integrated directly into the original messaging app. For many users, iMessage has become one of the main reasons they cannot leave the Apple platform.

Apple iMessage

At Apple, they have always been aware of this reliance on iMessage, which is why some employees have been actively fighting against the Android app. The information behind the scenes came to light because of her arrival Lawsuit Between Apple and Epic, creators of the popular Fortnite game. Epic’s attorneys in a dispute asked what happened to iMessage for Android at the time.


The iMessage communications platform saw daylight in 2011 along with iOS 5 and beyond Mac It arrived less than a year later. At the start of 2013, iMessage also had to look at Android, but the high-ranking employees, led by Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller, were basically against it.

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“IMessage for Android removes the only barrier for families to buy Android phones for their kids.” He said to iMessage Federighi port account. Phil Schiller went a little further in his protests. “Releasing iMessage on Android will do us more harm than good,” Schiller said.

Although there have been many attempts to bring popular chatting to the most popular mobile system on the planet, none has occurred. Simple and flawless. Google recently started promoting a competition for iMessage called RCS, that is Rich communication services. However, it is not clear when we will become widespread.

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iphone 12 mini 06
IPhone 12 Mini

After all, there is one solution to turn iMessage on on Android. His name is PepperHowever, this service does not reach the service directly, but through a remote intermediary. This can be either a constantly running Mac with the Beeper Mac app installed, or a jailbroken iPhone with the app installed.