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Apple has revamped the display of computers and tablets.  And this is not all

Apple has revamped the display of computers and tablets. And this is not all

The new iMac, which is based on the Apple M1 chip for the first time in history, has probably attracted the most attention. It has proven itself last year in the new MacBooc and Mac Mini. Thanks to this, the new machines became very quiet, while maintaining above average performance.

The new Apple M1 chip is based on a different architecture from Intel processors. These are processors based on the ARM architecture, which are currently used mainly in mobile phones and tablets instead of computers. For this reason, it needs specially adapted applications. However, it excels at refinement and low consumption.

Apple iMac (2021)

Photo: manufacturer’s archive

The Apple iMac has always been an all-in-one system that integrates all the important components into the display. Nothing changes even with the news. But she dieted nicely, thanks to new, more compact ingredients the thickness of the entire machine is incredible. Basically, you won’t even notice it’s a full-fledged PC – the novelty is thinner than most screens today.

Prices start at 37,990 CZK, pre-orders start on Friday. Apple pledges that the stock will be new in mid-May. As always, those who order early have priority.

Useful hybrid

Last week, we also saw an improved iPad Pro, which also has an Apple M1 processor. So performance can be measured with the new iMac or the high-end MacBook Pro. But it is the smallest device in which a segment of Apple’s workshop excels.

Introducing the Apple iPad Pro (2021) tablet.

Video: manufacturer’s archive

Historically, iPads have always had worse cameras than iPhones. But this is the end of the new generation. The new iPad Pro is said to have the same camera quality as the iPhone 12, so streaming platforms can shoot directly on it in the field without having to download the video before editing from iPhone to iPad.

The price of iPad Pro starts at 22,990 CZK, but in the case of a more equipped version, they can easily climb to more than 65,000 CZK. On the other hand, it is a device that can easily perform a laptop function thanks to the detachable keyboard. However, they are purchased separately.

Availability is the same with iMac. So pre-order is possible from Friday, the iPad Pro will appear on store shelves in mid-May.

There was more news

Apple revealed more news last week. For example, iPhone 12 was offered with a new purple design, while iPhone 12 mini could also be purchased in the same version. A smaller phone and an Apple phone can be purchased from Friday, prices start at 19,990 CZK.

Apple iPhone 12 in purple.

Video: manufacturer’s archive

The remaining new products, similar to PCs with the delicious Apple logo, will not be available until mid-May, but can be pre-ordered from Friday.

Apple TV 4K (2021).

Photo: manufacturer’s archive

A complete novelty is the AirTag smart pendant. For example, you can attach it to the keys or put it in your wallet. Then, when you search for one of the things marked this way, you can simply “ring” your mobile phone. You will know exactly where it is located.

However, similar pendants were introduced by the competition for a long time. Apple charges 890 CZK for the AirTag, or 2,990 CZK for a quad package.

Apple AirTag.

Photo: manufacturer’s archive