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أبل تساعد المستخدمين للحصول على الحجم المناسب لجهاز iPad mini

Apple helps users get the right size for iPad mini

company Camel Surveying iPad mini users about their preferred screen size, according to a report by ITHome, the tech giant appears to want to have a good idea of ​​what screen size most users prefer and is planning to implement the necessary design changes based on the input received.

In the new survey, which focuses on iPad mini 4Apple asked users questions about the iPad mini’s screen size, and the tech giant asked them if the screen was “too small,” “too small,” “just the right size,” “a little too big,” or “too big.”

The only iPad that hasn’t seen a major design change since it was first launched, the iPad mini can be revamped with a larger 8.4-inch edge-to-edge display and an iPad Air-like design, according to reports.

Similar claims were made for the recent iPad mini redesign by tipster Jon Prosser, whereby the iPad mini will be given a redesigned design to incorporate it into the existing design philosophy of other iPads, and Jon Prosser has collected data from numerous leaks and sources to create a rendering of Apple’s smallest iPad to create a new look. for iPad mini 6.

It largely matches the look of other iPads in the Apple family, and renders show that the tablet has thinner bezels and flat edges, and Touch ID has been removed from the Home button (which has also been removed) and placed over the top button.

Apple will unveil new iPhones and other new products in September of this year, and if the iPad mini is only due to be unveiled this fall, the design overhaul of the device must have already been done, and if not, there will be a long wait. Once again for those who want to see something new with the iPad mini apart from the software improvements.

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