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Apple is building a new development team in Prague.  He must develop a master system, and the details are kept confidential

Apple is building a new development team in Prague. He must develop a master system, and the details are kept confidential

American tech giant Apple is assembling a new group of experts in the Czech Republic to handle the development of iOS and macOS. In this position in Prague, he is looking for a manager to be responsible for development, as well as engineers and programmers. The daily E15 reported on Tuesday. Apple has been running a development center in the Czech Republic for several years, but it does not officially report on its operation and scope of work.

Server Books E15.czThis is American society an Apple It gathers a professional team in Prague, which will work closely not only with the chip giants Intel and ARM, but also with the Apple Silicon division. The company develops its own chips, which Apple uses in its devices, such as the iPhone, iPad tablets, Apple TV Internet TV, watches or Mac computers.

“The expansion of the development team is not a huge surprise, but it is certainly good news and an opportunity for local developers,” the editor-in-chief of technology magazine Aktuálně.cz commented. Lukáš Voříšek.

Silicon Valley has been running a development center in Prague for several years. But little is known about him, because Apple itself does not officially comment on anything and obliges employees to strict confidentiality agreements.

“Apple has been doing various activities in the Czech Republic for many years. Most people only know that Prague has repeatedly appeared in company advertisements. Less well-known is the fact that dozens of developers are working on Touch ID, biometric authentication and other technologies.” iOS, macOS, WatchOS, Apple systems other, so it can be said that the local branch has been involved in its development for several years,” Voříšek described.

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Apple is looking for an operating system kernel manager in Prague and is also looking for engineers and programmers. The server said the workers are set to become part of a division called Core OS.

Apple, which is currently paying for the world’s most valuable brand, has not commented on the details of the team’s formation. “The Core OS team is responsible for developing new core operating systems and system functionality for all products. It is also responsible for developing our software for ARM and Intel chips. Core OS contributes to the success of iPhone, iPad and Mac products,” the company said. server also wrote that the company requires very detailed IT knowledge to develop operating systems. “It doesn’t matter how you get them,” Apple said of a statement to developers.

“Unfortunately, employees cannot talk about development. We only have some information about what they are working on. The entity Apple Czech sro has been registered in the Czech Republic since 2009 and software has been developed in Prague offices since 2013. Only in 2013, Apple bought the company AuthenTec, according to data from the registry, Apple had 85 employees in Prague in 2020,” Voříšek said.

He added that the Czech Republic is a popular destination for foreign technology companies and that local developers have a good reputation abroad. Moreover, the Czech staff is not as expensive as in the West. “Microsoft, Google, SUSE Linux, IBM, SentinelOne, and countless others have their developers here as well,” Voříšek said.

Regarding Apple, in addition to the development center, in the past there was also talk in the Czech Republic about the opening of the first official store in the country, the so-called Apple Store. Former Prime Minister Andrej Babis (YES) mentioned the possibility of a trade emerging that would be the first in Central and Eastern Europe. However, the design never took on more specific schemes, and it was not clear exactly where the store would grow in Prague.

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While the Apple Store is the company’s brand store, the Apple Shop has been operating in the Czech Republic for a long time. Although this is an official California business, it operates in such a way that Apple offers products within an already existing company focused on selling electronics.