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Apple may soon launch Beats Studio Buds Plus headphones.. Find out the details

Mones Hawass Books

Friday, April 21, 2023 10:00 PM

A recent report by MySmartPrice revealed that Apple is developing a new pair of smartphones HeadphonesNew wireless earbuds just appeared on the Singaporean IMDA licensing site, and according to the license, each earphone has its own model number, where A2872 is the model number for the left earphone and A2871 is the model number for the right earphone, but the most interesting part is that the earphones The ear itself recently received its own FCC certification, which indicates that its launch could be very soon.

However, although its earphones are receiving certifications one after another, Apple has not said a word about it. Could they be a new pair of AirPods, or are there already new Beats earphones? According to the rumors, the earphones are These mysterious Apple headphones are exactly the upcoming Beats Studio Buds Plus.

According to the code in iOS 16.4, the Beats Studio Buds Plus will support automatic device switching, “Hey, Siri,” and audio sharing. However, 9to5Mac’s sources claim that the new Beats headphones probably won’t come with an Apple H2 chip board, though those functions are supported.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus are also likely to have active noise cancellation and a strong emphasis on bass. As for their design, the rumor mill claims that they will look exactly like their predecessor, the Beats Studio Buds, but they will also be available in a new black color with gold detailing.

It is reported that Apple released the Beats Studio Buds headphones in June 2021, and it is possible that it will decide to announce the Beats Studio Buds Plus in June as well.

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