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Apple releases iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 update – iPhone Islam

Today, Apple released updates for all its systems on its various devices, including the iOS 16.4 update, which is the fourth major version of the iOS 16 operating system that was originally released last September. iOS 16.4 comes two months after the release of iOS 16.3. This major update also brings new features. Like new emojis including pink heart, blue heart, gray heart, donkey, deer, black bird, goose, wing, blue jellyfish, lily, and more. The update also includes the possibility of notifications for websites added to the home screen, sound isolation for phone calls to improve voice clarity, and a number of other changes and modifications.

What’s new in iOS 16.4, according to Apple…

This update provides important bug fixes and security updates for iPhone, including the following:

  • The Emoji Keyboard now has 21 new emoji, including animals, hand gestures, and items.
  • Notifications for web apps added to the home screen.
  • The sound isolation feature during cellular calls prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you.
  • The Duplicates album in the Photos app adds support for detecting duplicate photos and videos in a shared iCloud Photo Library.
  • The voiceover feature supports maps in the weather app.
  • A setting in Accessibility to automatically dim the video when flashes or flashing lights are detected
    Siri sounds more natural, especially when speaking long phrases.
  • Fixes an issue where “Purchase Requisition” requests from children may fail to appear on the parent’s device
  • Addresses concerns that non-Matter thermostats may not respond when paired with the Apple Home app.
  • Collision detection improvements on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models
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Before updating, be sure to take a backup of the contents of your device, whether on iCloud or on the iTunes application

To update your device, follow these steps:


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, it will show you that an update is available.


You can click Learn More to know the update details


To download the update, you must connect to Wi-Fi, and it is preferable to connect your device to the charger, then press the “Download and Install” button

The passcode entry screen will appear.

The Terms and Conditions screen may appear, so agree to it.



After the update is complete, the device will restart. After several steps, the update will be completed.

This update is important, not because of the donkey emoji or the pink heart, but rather the sound isolation feature during cellular calls, which is an important feature. Let us know in the comments if you notice anything new that we didn’t mention in this update and if it fixed a problem you had

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