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Apple releases the beta version of the iOS 15 operating system for smart devices

The American electronics and technology giant Apple has launched the public beta version of the new version of the iOS 15 operating system, where iPhone smartphone users can download and use this version without waiting for the final version to be released next fall. indicated that the trial version, as usual in the trial version of any application, contains a set of loopholes and flaws that Apple announced as side notes during the launch of the version, while more gaps may appear during use. .

The site indicated that it is not recommended to download the trial version of any application or operating system on the primary phone of any user because there are many gaps in it, whether previously discovered or not yet discovered, and if the user wants to download this trial version, it is preferable to do so on a second phone that he uses for the experiment Just.

At the same time, any user who downloads and runs the new version of the iOS operating system and then discovers that he is not comfortable dealing with it, or that it consumes the battery more quickly, can reset the device to work with the current version of the operating system. .


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