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Apple sends hundreds of millions of dollars to its suppliers

Corning has been making glasses for Apple’s iPhone since the first generation of this phone, and they also provide glasses for the iPad and Apple Watch. However, the company is also behind the Gorilla Glass brand, which is used by many of the competing phone brands. Apple has never accepted the naming. At the same time, he did not indicate how long each of his cups would last.

But that changed with the launch of the iPhone 12. And with it, Apple introduced the Ceramic Shield, which it had been working on for four years with Corning and invested $ 450 million in the development. The money went from his Advanced Manufacturing Fund, from which he has now provided an additional $ 45 million for the company to expand its production capacity and advance research and development. The investment is also intended to support the maintenance of more than a thousand jobs across Corning’s US operations.

The Ceramic Shield should be stronger than any smartphone glass produced to date. It is formed by mixing ceramic nanocrystals in glass; They are harder than most minerals. The problem is that ceramics aren’t usually transparent. However, Corning has developed a unique process in which ceramic is as tough as possible while remaining visually clear. This is also the reason why not only the sensors for the user’s face recognition can pass through the glass, but the camera does not disturb the camera either. Thanks to this, the iPhone 12 according to Apple should be four times more durable than previous generations.

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Apple has been investing in its suppliers for a long time. Although Apple often offers this as a development grant, it is a form of prepayment for resellers designed to enable companies to speed up search and production capacity to meet Apple’s needs. At the same time, Apple retains a portion of the production capacity of the subsidized companies. This ensures a stable supply and deprives the competition of the opportunity to acquire these technologies.

Already in 2017, he gave nearly 390 million dollars to the company II-VI, which manufactures him for Lidar. Now Apple has added another $ 420 million. It wants to support more than 700 jobs in four US states.