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Apple Watch will learn to recognize a new trend and draw attention to a problem -

Apple Watch will learn to recognize a new trend and draw attention to a problem –

Apple introduced a new version of its smartwatch operating system at WWDC, watchOS 8 brings many new features, especially for health and fitness.

Thanks to this update, the Apple Watch will not only be able to pay more attention to the wearer’s health, but will also provide a number of features that make everyday life easier. The effort to establish mental balance or broader support to search for lost organs is evident.

Novinky ve watchOS 8

Apple Watch 6 will be able to act as a file Numeric keys for selected cars. Thanks to Ultra Wideband support with them, it will be possible not only to unlock cars, but also to start them. It will also be possible to use it to open backed locks in homes, offices and other places.

In addition, Apple Watch will also support real storage التخزين identity documents, thanks to which, for example, it should be possible to pass the security check at the airport only with an hour on the wrist. This will be possible in select US states from the fall and we don’t expect to see it in the near future.

Apple plays an increasingly important role in the ecosystem smart home. This will also be reflected in watchOS 8, where the user will get a redesigned Home app. The new version will be able to control devices in different rooms, and also provide the ability to view photos from cameras with HomeKit support directly on the watch. The app will also add a new intercom feature, allowing you to send voice messages to your HomePod at home.

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Health and fitness

The new version of watchOS will bring a number of improvements to fitness and health. Let’s start with items that focus on mental health and well-being, specifically breathing exercisesWhich gets smoother, more relaxing animations that aim to clear the mind.

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There will also be a new type of experience called reflect. Reflection sessions include instructions to help users return to happy and restful memories. In this context, Apple is adding two new types of exercise to watchOS 8: Tai Chi and Pilates. These exercises are suitable for both physical and mental exercises and help users to relax more.

Another improvement is related to sleep monitoring – watches with watchOS 8 will now be measured average respiratory rate (that is, the number of breaths and exhalations per minute) while the wearer is sleeping. Breathing is closely related to sleep quality, so users get additional metrics to rate it.

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For exercise, Apple Fitness+ will add support for picture-in-picture mode for watchOS 8, and it will also be possible to pause and resume a workout from any device. In addition, new options for filtering training will be available.

Interesting mix of jobs walking stidens a trends. The watch uses sensors to monitor our way of walking for a long time, so it can then identify a change, a new direction or a potential health issue. It notifies the user, who can then search for a solution.

Customization Options

According to Apple, the most popular among users is the dial with its own picture, so it adds to the watch new watch face (painting). This should provide a clear difference in depth of field between the person in the foreground and the background of the image.

Apple is also improving the app Pictures A new way to view as well as share photos via mail or messaging. Speaking of the Messages app, users will be able to combine text, emojis, and scribbles into one message.

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If you use phonetic dictation, you will be sure to use the new option to further change the entered text. And if words aren’t enough for you, you’ll definitely appreciate that Apple is also adding support for GIFs from the internet to the News app. There will be a new app on Apple Watch Contacts, so it will be easier to start a new conversation or call someone.

More news

Other new features of watchOS 8 include Help contact – Previously announced Ease of Access, which allows movement in the user interface using one-handed gestures. Multiple timers are also supported, which can be assigned different names using Siri.

There will also be two new apps on the watch list: Find a device a Search for items. This will allow users to search for AirTags on the Find My network or find lost devices with the same Apple ID.

Request the weather Adds support for bad weather alerts and next hour precipitation alerts. Finally, the app Music It will provide support for sharing songs, albums and playlists through mail and messages.