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Apple will have to allow apps from competing stores to be installed on iOS and iPadOS

Apple will have to allow apps from competing stores to be installed on iOS and iPadOS

Already this week, well-known leaker Mark Gurman told us that due to EU pressure, Apple will allow alternative apps to be stored for iPhones and iPads. Currently, the so-called sideloading, or installing applications from other sources, is prohibited on devices running iOS and iPadOS, and therefore it is necessary to use only the official App Store to obtain the software. However, according to the new law on digital markets, which will come into force in 2024, it will be necessary for Apple to allow sideloading on these devices, thus enabling the operation of competing platforms.

Photo: Pexels (by Brett Jordan)

Although this regulation may at first seem completely fatal to Apple, it should not have a significant impact on the company from an earnings standpoint. Three analysts from the investment bank Morgan Stanley claimed in their research report that “Third-party app stores will only pose a limited risk to App Store revenue as well as to Apple’s overall revenue. This is mainly due to the fact that iPhone users have long preferred the security, centralization, and convenience of the App Store.In addition, according to their estimates, in the worst possible scenario, profits from this segment will decline by only 4%, and in the case of a global rollout, it will be 9%.

In any case, it will certainly be interesting to watch the further development of these events. Many people do not want this change and are in favor of maintaining the current solution. The ban on sideloading protects ordinary users from downloading unverified applications that potentially compromise the security of user data. Therefore, if the installation of applications on iOS and iPadOS from other sources is allowed, then in the future we can expect more cases when these devices are infected with unwanted malware.

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