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Appointment of the first Palestinian-origin minister in an American state and perhaps in the world

Appointment of the first Palestinian-origin minister in an American state and perhaps in the world

Susana Muhammad, who was appointed Minister of the Environment in the government formed by the new Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, and announces her today, Monday, is the first Palestinian of origin to reach the position of minister in any country in the American continent, and perhaps in the world. Palestinian origin in particular, which refers to the arrival of any Palestinian origin to a ministerial position in any foreign country.

Personal information about her, especially about her Arab roots, even within Colombia itself, is surprising for her scarcity and paucity. It is only known about Susana Muhamad that she was born 45 years ago in the city of Barranquilla, the capital of the Atlantico administration, overlooking the Colombian north on the Caribbean Sea, and then nothing after that. About her parents and family members, but there is no picture of her with any of them in all her accounts on the communication sites, and there is no mention of her Palestinian origin in any media interview with her.

Had it not been for a tweet she wrote attached to a photo on May 10 on her Twitter account, and her photo above, Al would not have known that she is of Palestinian origin, and in which she mentions that the Consultative Council of the municipality of the capital, Bogota, agreed to change the name of “86th Street” and give it the name “State of Palestine Street” And that she is proud to share with her colleagues this recognition of the Palestinian people, “which is part of my roots”, perhaps referring to her father being Palestinian and her mother Colombian.

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Susanna Muhammad, a longtime ally of the new president, had served as his advisor when he was the mayor of the capital, and was later appointed to the administration of the capital. She also later held the position of Secretary-General of that administration, in addition to that, in recent years, she worked as an advisor to him in 3 presidential campaigns he fought, and he succeeded in the last of them this year to reach the first position in the country, so he rewarded her for her efforts with him, and handed her a ministerial portfolio.