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April Complete: Unrestricted Govt-Passport, New Space Project, Agreement with the UK

April Complete: Unrestricted Govt-Passport, New Space Project, Agreement with the UK

Members of the European Parliament agreed on a position on Covit-19 travel certificates, emphasized investment in the future, approved important projects, and agreed on future trade relations with the United Kingdom.

MEPs renamed the Digital Green Certificate as the EU Certificate for Govt-19 and insisted that the new regulation be in effect for a maximum of twelve months. These unique documents, in printed or digital form, are designed to facilitate travel during an infection and to show if one of the vaccines in question is approved and has a negative test, or is recovering, that is, antibodies to a new type of corona virus after infection. At the same time, the MEPs made it clear that the owners of these certificates should not be sent for isolation or further testing. In general, testing should be available, close, and free.

Finish before summer

As for a certificate, it is not a travel document. Nevertheless, the certificate is not a condition for exercising the right to operate freely within the EU.

Order to negotiate with the Council of Ministers (Ministers) of the European Union in the final version of the Regulation on Certificates for Union Citizens 540 (for): 119 (against): 31 (Voting) Approved by MEP by votes. Order for negotiations on a proposal to regulate certification for non-EU MEPs by 540 votes to 80 (against): 70 (vote).

Following the referendum, talks between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union could begin. Legislators aim to reach an agreement on the final terms of the new rules before the start of the summer tourism season.

“We are debating at the speed at which the European Parliament registers the digital green certificate so that people can use it this summer. I think it also has the potential to prove a cheaper and faster antigen test than the R test with a negative result, “said Tommy Stekowski (ELS), MEP for KDU-SL.

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Investing in innovations

Czech MEP Martina Tilabazov The European Parliament has approved key projects under the EU’s long-term budget: Horizon Europe (with a $ 95 billion budget) to fund science, research and innovation; Life Plan to support action on climate, biodiversity and clean energy (4 5.4 billion).

“We have won a successful vote as a fund and most important source of funding for our researchers, as well as industry and commerce, the Harrison Europe Framework Plan. This is more than the previous seven years, and the real value of the project is incalculable. As a result, Europe will experience advanced scientific discoveries and innovative solutions in the years to come that will enhance the lives of each and every one of us. There was support, and I’m glad I was able to push it into the speech, ”said MEP Martina Tilapazov (non-party, renew Europe group).

Between 2021 and 2027, the EU will have a common space program (with a budget of $ 14.8 billion), including satellite services such as Galileo and Copernicus.

MEP Evžn Tošenovský“Personally for me, over the past three years I have been a shadow reporter – approving projects that have devoted more time and energy to the space program and the Horizon research project. I am pleased that we have been able to greatly strengthen the Brook Galileo Agency (GSA), which has many new missions and additional staff. All EU space programs with a budget of nearly 15 15 billion will be managed from Prague, ”recalled Evan Doshenovsky of the ODS (European Conservative and Reform Committee) MEP.

Digital Europe

MEPs also supported Digital Europe, the EU’s first financial instrument for digital infrastructure and technology. With a budget of $ 7.6 billion, it will support a total of five priority areas: supercomputers, artificial intelligence, Internet security, advanced digital capabilities and ensuring the widespread use of digital technologies across the economy and society.

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The single market plan also monitors support, especially for small and medium enterprises.

MEP Kateřina Konečná (KSČM, Lewis Committee in the European Parliament - GUE / NGL)“It transforms many of the previous plans in the new EU multinational financial structure and integrates them together to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of companies, improve consumer protection, human, animal and plant health, and improve the functioning of the internal market, which includes the financial framework for the development, production and dissemination of European figures.” The biggest change from the Commission’s original plan was to add a separate objective to the field of market surveillance, and the tourism sector was included in the financial targets for small and medium enterprises. The budget for this project was increased by “120 million, said Cadizina Conani MEP (KSČM, Lewis Group in the European Parliament – GUE / NGL).

Agreement with London

By a majority, the EP approved the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and laid down the rules for future partnerships. During the debate on Tuesday, MEPs said the deal was the best way to mitigate the ill effects of the UK withdrawal from the EU. They also stressed that parliament should play a key role in monitoring the proper implementation of the agreement in practice.

Rights of train passengers

The MEPs on Thursday approved an update on the rights of train passengers. Passengers will receive additional assistance in case of delays, and the travel system for the disabled should be more friendly.

Ship should be clean as part of the goal of climate-neutral Europe. MEPs call for a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030, as well as the integration of the shipping industry into the EU emissions trade plan, as well as the replacement of heavy oils by alternative fuels and other environmental measures for European ports and vessels.

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Terrorist content online

On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved new rules that would force Internet companies such as Facebook or YouTube to remove content that promotes terrorism within an hour of being reported. This includes images, sound or videos that incite people to commit acts of terrorism. It does not contain journalistic or educational content, but contains conflicting or controversial views on important issues.

“It is a new duty for websites such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to delete videos, texts and photos that provoke terrorism within a maximum of one hour. The difference between watching a video on YouTube in an hour, three hours or 24 hours can be millions of views. Other tragedies, such as the murder of French author Samuel Patti. We can not buy, in this case the police made a direct connection between the terrorist propaganda on social media and his assassination by a radical Islamist, “said Dome Stekovsky (KDU-ČSL).

Tax for companies

Parliament also passed a resolution calling for a global minimum rate of corporate tax. The MEPs insisted that the current international tax rules were out of date. If negotiations on an agreement on new tax rules that better reflect the changes economies have made as a result of globalization and digitization fail at the level of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the EU will face a challenge, MEPs.