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"Arab Arabs"... Greetings to the Qatar World Cup 2022

“Arab Arabs”… Greetings to the Qatar World Cup 2022

Composer Mishaal Al-Arouj is present in a series of works rooted in the memory of the Gulf song. Despite the lack of his melodies in recent years, the owner of “Willie” (singing Rashid Al Majed) returns with a simple song, which he worked on with the help of his wife. Kuwaiti singer Nawaland the artist Fadel ShakerZuhair Bahawi, Ahmed Shaybah, and Hammoud Al-Khader.
The idea of ​​”Arab Arabs” (words by Abdullah Al-Tamimi and arranged by Jeyhun Gilkattan) can be summarized as an attempt to add another song to the one accompanying the World Cup in Doha, and as a tribute to an Arab achievement represented in holding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, without it being one of the official songs. launched by FIFA.

The writer Abdullah Al-Tamimi resorted to enthusiastic vocabulary that takes the sporting event as a dimension to highlight it, with a fast rhythm adopted by the composer Mishaal Al-Arouj, to increase the listener’s enthusiasm, in only three minutes, after he initially relied on the voices of young singers Zuhair Bahawi and Ahmed Shaybah, after which he released Fadl Shaker’s sentences. Nawal Al-Kuwaiti in a way that does not overwhelm the space of the singers’ voice, while Shaker relies on his usual calmness in singing, and increases the exaggeration of feeling within the first and second syllables, and ends on the rhythm that emerges every time the word “Arabs / Arabs” is mentioned.
Well did the string arranger, Ismail Tunch Black, draw inspiration from musical notes based on strings in the second verse, complementing the first part in which the strings were recorded through violins only.
Zuhair Bahawi heralds a prominent Moroccan talent for a young man who is well aware of the origins of oriental Arab singing, and possesses vocal capabilities that he employed for the benefit of the song, as well as Ahmed Shaybah, who raises his performance to keep up with his colleagues.
It is not the first time that Fadl Shaker has met Kuwaiti singer Nawal. Two decades ago, Shaker stood in front of Nawal. Then he sang “I’m trying”.

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A duo that turned into a lyrical reference in the homogeneity of the two voices and layers between Shaker and Nawal, after which similar works, or “duets”, were repeated, but they all did not reap the success of “I Try”, which documented the relationship between Nawal the Kuwaiti and her colleague Fadl Shaker, despite all the circumstances that confront Shaker and the accusations. Which I faced from 2013 to today, and I put him in a case that seems to be a solution to it is still hostage to time in Lebanon.
It was clear that collecting video clips for the song “Arab Arabs” was difficult for the performer of this work, even if the intention was to keep pace with the new generation by involving some young people in singing, through the video technology of mobile phones, which is an injustice to Fadl Shaker who appeared in a room Sitting from his house, without any frills, not even a filter, while Nawal Al-Kuwaiti took a good position on a football field, and recorded her clips with enthusiasm, which appeared through her expression and her ability to go along with strong voices, as she is the only artist among four performing with high technology.
A good idea for the writer and composer of the anthem, it relied undoubtedly on the simplicity of speech, the speed of the melody, and the techniques developed by Mishaal Al-Arouj in service of his idea, which successfully passed the test of affectation, and topped in two days with a million and a half listeners.