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Arab Cup.. UAE scores 3 points by defeating Nisour Qasiyon

Arab Cup.. UAE scores 3 points by defeating Nisour Qasiyon

The Emirati “Al-Abyad” scored its first three points in the tournament, equal in the number of points with Tunisian national team who had defeated in the same group in his first match against his Mauritanian counterpart 5-1, but the goal difference gave the Tunisian team the lead.

And the UAE team imposed its superiority in the first half, and pressed the goal Syrian national team Early, and this control was translated with two consecutive goals by Cayo Canedo with a header in the 24th minute, and Ali Saleh with a shot from inside the penalty area in the minute 30And he managed to settle his midfield position for most of this half.

The Syrian team tried to adjust the result before the end of the first half, but Ali Khaseef He defended his goal valiantly and saved the most dangerous opportunity that threatened his goal from the Syrian Muhammad Othman’s shot from a free kick, which he sent away to a corner before the end of this half.

The Syrian team’s activity increased in the second half, and the Syrian Ward Al-Salama managed to reduce the difference in the 60th minute by scoring the first goal for his country. Strong from the substitute player Tahnoun Al Zaabi, and the Emirates players missed more than one opportunity in the last minutes of the match.

The competitions of the second matches of the championship will witness the establishment of 4 meetings, where the Algerian and Sudanese teams will meet first, then Egypt will play Lebanon, followed by a match Morocco With Palestine, and finally the matches conclude with the confrontation of Saudi Arabia with Jordan.

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