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Arab princesses refuse plastic surgery

Arab princesses refuse plastic surgery

We are attracted by pictures of Arab princesses who refuse plastic surgery and prefer to preserve their natural features, so they resort to make-up to highlight them in a more beautiful way and add attractive touches to them, and we are not only talking about the famous ones, but also about Arab princesses far from the limelight.

Most of the girls of the Arab ruling classes are distinguished by exceptional beauty that prevents them from undergoing any plastic surgery or even applying a lot of make-up, as they amaze everyone with their looks.

Princess Aisha bint Faisal

Her features are 100% natural, and she’s from Distinguished Arab princesses with their western features. She is distinguished by several attractive elements in her face, such as the color of her eyes, her plump cheeks and her symmetrical lips.

Princess Lalla Salma

Princess Lalla Salma refuses to undergo any plastic surgery, and everything on her face is still the same since the first time she appeared in public, including her nose, lips and face.

Princess Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

If you look at her photos, you will be sure that she has not undergone any plastic surgery on her face. She is self-accepting and does not see any need to change her appearance. What concerns her is achieving her ambition, as she is professional in practicing several sports, including karate, taekwondo and horse riding.

Princess Salma bint Abdullah II and her sister Iman

The two daughters of Queen Rania Al Abdullah inherited many advantages from her, including the beautiful natural features that make their appearances very impressive.

as Queen Rania adopts makeup trends that make her look younger Instead of resorting to plastic surgery, her two daughters, Princess Salma and Iman, are keen to preserve their natural features, and enhance their beauty with soft makeup trends.

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