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الصورة: أ.د. محمد أحمد عبدالرحمن

Arabic is an international language (1)

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Some people wonder why a language is capable of continuity and penetration among people, and what is it that has a strong presence among speakers? The secret lies in the fact that the language has the potential to open up communication avenues among the people, to be considered as an important means of trade and monetization, and to have a clear presence in the media, culture and knowledge. Its weight in the diplomatic world is because the importance of language learning, knowledge has become not only the cultures of the people, but also the knowledge of language and its interaction with it has become a major economic, political, social and historical motivation. Fields.

In order to understand the status of the Arabic language in the contemporary world, the numbers show us the extent of the need for its learning and its spread in the world over the past two decades. An increase in the number of schools and universities open and an increase in the number of hours allotted. Learning it.

The report, released by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Youth, reveals to us the “status and future of the Arabic language” and the extent to which its learning in high schools in the United States has increased. In order to learn Arabic, the total demand for language learning reached 6%, which puts Arabic ahead of Portuguese, Korean and Turkish in its Russian doctrine because of the demand for Arabic language learning in American universities. Has been steadily increasing since 2002.

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In the United Kingdom, we find Arabic to be the eighth language of choice for students to obtain a British High School Certificate. Confirmed by the British Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and Report. The number of universities offering Arabic language teaching materials in 2017 has reached 60 universities in various parts of the UK, with 50 students offering the opportunity to learn Arabic as an optional language outside their jurisdiction, while the rest of the universities offer the same. The report confirms that Arabic language subjects are generally the only language included in the academic requirements for a university degree, which has increased the demand there unprecedentedly. Levels have doubled, and in China, the number of universities offering supplies in 46 Arab universities has finally reached 950 schools, where we teach Arabic towards the Republic of Ghana.

All of these show a global interest in learning the Arabic language.