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Arabs and non-Arabs |  Middle East

Arabs and non-Arabs | Middle East

The day before yesterday, Ambassador Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Zubai, Ambassador of the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques in the Republic of C டிte d’Ivoire, met with Ivory Director General Pamba Masimba of the Department of Religious Affairs. Arrangements for this year’s pilgrimage were discussed at the meeting, with the allocation of the C டிte d’Ivoire Republic.
Haider Shia al-Barak, Iraq’s ambassador to Lebanon, welcomes Lebanese newspaper editor-in-chief Joseph al-Ghousifi to his office at the embassy. During the meeting, he discussed the Lebanese-Iraqi relationship and the role of the media in Baghdad and Beirut in fostering these relations. The Ambassador noted that the Lebanese media, with its professionalism and its positive attitude towards the people and government of Iraq, wanted closer cooperation between the Lebanese and Iraqi media to serve both countries and the people.
> Danish Ambassador to Cairo Swend Ulling welcomed Lt. Gen. Osama Robbie, Chairman of the Suez Canal Commission, to discuss avenues for joint cooperation at the Guidance Building in Ismailia Governorate yesterday. The leader of the authority expressed his pride in the extended cooperation and partnership that unites power with Danish companies working in the maritime sector, stressing his interest in opening wide frontiers for cooperation with successful partners. Service of the International Maritime Community. In turn, the ambassador expressed his desire to strengthen the bond of cooperation with the authorities and to allow for the exchange of experiences and collaborative integration.
Mauritanian Health Minister El Mokhtar Old Tahi welcomed Spanish Ambassador to Mauritania Jose Lorenzo Adun at his office in Nouakchott yesterday. During the meeting, Autun praised Mauritania’s commitment to the structure of the vaccine coverage against (Covid-19) and the advanced arrangements it has made with African countries in this regard, as well as technical assistance in caring for patients. Status of the benefits of emergency cases.
> Egypt’s Ambassador to Ireland Khalid Darwad hosted a Ramadan Iftar dinner yesterday, attended by numerous symbols of the Egyptian community living in Ireland, attended by Dr. Omar al-Qadri, President of the Islamic Center in Ireland. And bishops of the Egyptian Church in Irish cities. The Ambassador wished all the members of the Egyptian community on the blessed days in which the fast of the Muslims coincides with the fast of their Coptic brethren, wishing all the sons of the homeland continued success and victory, and continuing to give the honorable image of the homeland. Abroad.
> Peter Bruegel, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Tunisia, was welcomed by the Leader of the Independent Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, at the Party’s Central Headquarters yesterday. German relations in the framework of mutual respect. The meeting was attended by the ambassador’s political adviser and several party leaders.
> The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif yesterday welcomed the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Pakistan Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Salem Al Jabi, where they discussed a number of issues of common concern. The Ambassador stressed the depth of the special relations between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan and the continued interest in strengthening and enhancing aspects of joint cooperation in all fields. Both countries are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.
> Egyptian Ambassador to Sofia Khalid Emara welcomed Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Ivan Ivanov yesterday, where the two discussed opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the agricultural sector, ways to increase exports of agricultural and manufactured goods of the two countries, and joint work. Towards greater food security in light of the consequences of the Ukrainian crisis and the challenges of production and fertilizer shortages and rising prices. The Minister stressed the importance of Sofia in fostering cooperation and exchange with Egypt as it is one of the most important partners in the Middle East and Africa.
Bahraini Foreign Minister Dr. Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Jayani welcomed the US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain Stephen Bundy yesterday. For prosperity and development, ways to improve and enhance them in all fields.Both friendly countries and people. Within the framework of the two countries’ interest in integrating regional and global peace, the two sides discussed regional and international issues of progress in the Middle East and common interests.

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