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Archaeologists discover dozens of statues of ancient Greek gods in Turkey

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered dozens of clay figurines depicting ancient Greek gods, men, women and animals. Artifacts more than 2,000 years old were found in the ancient Greek city of Myra, now called Demer in Turkey.

Some statues still contain incredibly drawings and others contain inscriptions, providing archaeologists with a picture of life in the region in the first and second centuries BC.

“Mira is one of the most important ancient settlements in Lycia,” Nevzat Şevik, head of the excavation team and professor of archeology at Akdeniz University in Turkey, told Live Science.

Schevik added that the statues give “rich evidence about what was located in the mysterious Myra region under a thick layer of mud in the first and second centuries BC.”

“It’s as if the people of ancient Myra were resurrected and ran through the time tunnel together and arrived at the present day,” Szevic told his team when they found the statues.

Myra has remained an important site throughout history as it was inhabited by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and later the Ottomans.

In the modern era, the city was home to a Greek population who was forced to leave Turkey during the population exchange between Greece and the country in the 1920s.

What the researchers found is this huge group of statues made of clay scattered among the remains, along with the Hellenistic theater.