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Are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid heading to the courts because of Griezmann?

Are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid heading to the courts because of Griezmann?

Griezmann may cause a legal problem between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid (Getty)

Espen Sports website revealed, on Friday, that a major crisis is expected to occur between the two teams Barcelona And Atletico Madrid because of the financial value related to the French striker Antoine deal Griezmannwho returned to the Rojiblancos last season.

According to information published by ESPN, the Spanish team Barcelona is asking Atletico Madrid 40 million euros from the value of the deal for the 31-year-old French striker Antoine Griezmann, who returned on loan for two seasons in 2021.

According to the same source, the Catalan club confirmed that the French striker, Antoine Griezmann, played more than 45 minutes in 30 of the 37 games in which he was available in the last two seasons, which means that the Atletico Madrid team is forced to pay an amount of 40 million euros.

On the other hand, the Atletico Madrid team says that Griezmann must play more than 45 minutes in 50% of the matches he participated in in two seasons and not for one season to activate the clause agreed upon between the two parties when agreeing to complete the loan deal.

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And the Atletico Madrid team actually proceeded according to this clause regarding Griezmann, as he involved him as a substitute in the second half in half of the matches this season, as he entered the 62, 64, 63 and 61 minutes in five matches in which he participated, which prompted the Catalan club to take a legal step to obtain his money.

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Espen has not confirmed if Barcelona has sent a message to Atletico Madrid that it will file a lawsuit against Atleti until this moment, but the 40 million euros requested by Barcelona could take matters to court in order to resolve the case.