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Are mirage hallucinations and delusions?  Jeddah's chief astronomer answers

Are mirage hallucinations and delusions? Jeddah’s chief astronomer answers

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Thank you for reading. Are mirages hallucinations and illusions? The chief of Jeddah’s astronomer answers and assures you that we always strive to provide you with everything new and exclusive, and now we get into the details

Riyadh – Muhammad Al-Wasiri – 2021-07-05

Are mirage hallucinations and delusions? Jeddah’s chief astronomer answers

Follow-ups to the Gulf 365 – Mohammed Daoud – Jeddah

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahira, explained that watching the mirage in the summer is possible, as when a person is on a long car journey, he sometimes sees what looks like water on the road in front of him, and as he advances towards it, the water disappears, and some people may sometimes describe it as an illusion or A hallucination, but he is not one of them. Delusions and hallucinations are products of the mind, but the physics of the Earth’s atmosphere causes a mirage.

The phenomenon of refraction of light:

He continued, “We’ve all seen the spoon in a glass of water look broken or bent, as our atmosphere can cause some distant images to undergo a similar effect due to atmospheric refraction that occurs when light – or any other electromagnetic wave – deviates from a straight line, and this happens.” Usually when the light passes through the times when the air of our planet is more or less dense depending on its height above the Earth.

Top and bottom mirage details:

He pointed out that, therefore, in such warm summer days, the heat of the asphalt road, and the heat of the air above the highway, the individual can see as the temperature rises, and the higher it rises from the surface of the earth what is known as – upper mirage –, this means that the body will appear higher than the ground than it really is, but if the temperature drops the higher it rises in the atmosphere, you may get – the lower mirage -, as it appears closer to the ground than it actually is, and this is what happens when we see A mirage on the highway, we see – a sub-mirage – and this means that the asphalt surface of the road is hotter than the air above it, and one would realize this if he tried to walk on it barefoot.

Abu Zahira concluded by saying, that the road is very hot and the cold air above them creates a mirage, where the image of something higher is refracted to the bottom, to form what looks like a pool of water on the road ahead, which is refracted exactly to the appearance of a mirage of water on the highway is the refracted light from the blue sky above the horizon directly.
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