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Are the pictures of the moon in Samsung phones unreal.. What is the story?

Try the Korean giant Samsung impress his clients. By claiming that his phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra are able to take pictures of the moon with high accuracy and display the details and craters on it.

Samsung phones and moon pictures

And Samsung had announced the amazing Space Zoom feature, which gives the user the ability to take pictures of distant items up to a hundred times with great quality.

That is why you can point the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at the moon in the sky. And you will be able to photograph it and bring the terrain and features on it without the slightest problem through the Space Zoom feature.

But a user on Reddit tried the matter to find out that the moon pictures were not real and that the artificial intelligence in Samsung phones was faking it.

The user was able to reveal the truth about the images by using the S23 Ultra phone to take a picture of the moon on his computer, after obliterating its features. Then the phone takes a high-quality image showing all the details that were not present in the computer image.

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The user explained that Samsung phones are already photographing the moon. But it relies on artificial intelligence in order to merge and improve the images through other images it has.

Samsung responded to the matter by saying that its phones are able to photograph the moon. But the dilemma here is that it didn’t tell its users that it relies on an AI detail optimization engine.

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The Korean giant said, “After performing multi-frame processing. The phone’s camera uses a deep learning-based AI detail optimization engine. To effectively eliminate residual noise and improve image detail further.”

In the end, you must realize that the leading Galaxy phones include cameras with enormous approximation features, but this does not mean that they can zoom in until they reach the moon, which is more than 384,402 km from Earth.