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Are there extraterrestrials?..Finally, US intelligence answers

Are there extraterrestrials?..Finally, US intelligence answers

While the clips he captured US military Unidentified objects, the subject of controversy at all levels in the United States, the US intelligence announced Friday in a long-awaited report that there is no evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

However, it acknowledged in a report published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, that Dozens of phenomena That military pilots saw is inexplicable.

He added that there may not be a single explanation for these phenomena, stressing that his security does not currently have enough information in the databases to attribute these incidents to specific causes.

Great effort

It is worth noting that the new NASA chief, Bill Nelson, made an effort to conduct further study of these objects during his first month in office.

He explained during an interview with “CNN”, conducted in early June, that it is not clear to anyone, even at the higher levels of the US Space Agency, what these hyper-fast objects were spotted by Navy pilots.

He also added that he does not believe that UFOs are evidence of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. “I think I’ll know” if that’s the case, he said. But he admitted it would be too early to rule that out as a possibility.

Rectangular and mysterious objects roaming at high speeds and secretly

“We don’t know if it was extraterrestrial, or if it was an enemy,” Nelson said. “We don’t think it’s an optical phenomenon because of the characteristics described by Navy pilots.”

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have long been a magnet in the United States and abroad, and this obsession was fueled in 2017 by a New York Times report on several incidents in which American military pilots observed mysterious rectangular objects roaming at high speeds, clandestinely.

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