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Are you a Discord user? Note this important change

A major change is coming for all Discord users! The social platform just has it announce that all users who use it will be required to change their username “in the coming weeks”. This is one of the most notable changes we’ve seen in the past years.

Discord will require all users to change their usernames

Discord is an online chat service that allows people to create and join groups based on their interests. The service has 150 million monthly active users worldwide. There are millions of communities for the most diverse topics and interests. Since the early days, Discord users have been identified by a name preceding the hash and four numbers.

In the coming weeks, users will need to adjust to a new naming scheme. The service will require people to create a unique username that follows the “@” symbol. It will comply with the standard approved by social media.

Discord told BBC News: “After hearing from many users about the challenges associated with connecting with friends on our platform, we’ve made changes to our username system. The goal is to make Discord more accessible and easy to use for both new and existing users.

“We value user feedback and are committed to improving the overall Discord experience.”

As you might expect, every major change comes with criticism from those who are satisfied with the current system. Hence, not all Discord users are happy with the upcoming changes. They wonder about the real reasons for this. One person called it a “big step backwards,” while another compared it to a carrier changing its customers’ phone numbers to their full names. Popular illustrator Aura says users “risk” being impersonated if they fail to secure their username.

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The platform has a huge community and it keeps growing every year

Discord has been available since 2015 and has become very popular among gamers. Over the years, the app has also become popular as a good platform for arranging group activities or discussing common interests. It’s simple because users can divide conversations into easily searchable “channels”. The application allows users to join groups with no restrictions on members. Popular games have public Discord servers with over 1 million users.

Let’s see if there will be any major ‘cry’ from users in light of these changes.