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Ariana Grande looks through the video game "Fortnite"

Ariana Grande looks through the video game “Fortnite”

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New York: American singer Ariana Grande is looking at the video game “Fortnite” this weekend through an avatar (avatar) that shows her performing some of her songs, an event highlighted by “Epic Games”, the developer of the game, to demonstrate its openness strategy.

During five dates covering different time zones, players will be able to experience a virtual adventure with a pop star and RNB star who will appear as a half-human, half fictional character in a short costume.

During the segment, which lasts less than half an hour, several songs by Ariana Grande are played, including “Be Alright” and “Positions”, one of the 28-year-old’s latest works, which won two Grammy Awards in her career.

Meanwhile, players can purchase several items related to the singer in the game store.

Epic Games had launched similar experiences, by introducing virtual characters representing the American rap star Travis Scott in April 2020, or the Brazilian football star. Neymar earlier this year.

This strategy aims to make “Fortnite” an entertainment platform without just being a survival video game.

“This is a huge scale where we want to innovate, because Fortnite must continue to exist alongside the real world,” Epic Games’ brand manager Phil Rampolla told AFP.

“We don’t replace concerts or movies. We are in tune with these things and we expand and improve them,” he added.

“Fortnite” has been a real phenomenon for years among video game fans, and it includes about 350 million players in the world.