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Arms sales in the United States: a change of trend?

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There will be a slight contraction in arms sales in the United States at the end of February. New trend or occasional data?

For the first time in thousands of weeks, data on arms sales in the United States did not record much growth compared to the same period in previous years.. In fact, from February 22 to 28 ($ 55,596,331), total revenue was 3.31% lower than the three-year average ($ 57,499,180). In 2020 the comparison is slightly positive, + 3.53%. The lab reveals it Nask. However, the first two months of 2021 show growth over the first two months of 2020 and the 2018-2020 average: $ 532,098,587 compared to a total of + 11.13% and + 19.2% respectively.

The ammunition market does not appear to be suffering from a slight contraction: All four comparisons were positive in the last week (+ 72.52% and + 70.93%) and in January and February (+ 38.45% and + 58.53%) compared to the 2020 and 2018-2020 averages. Currently the counter is $ 56,227,316. There was also net growth in the optics market: $ 34,540,827 over a two-month period, + 53.3% in 2020 and a three-year average of + 77.01%.

In 2020, the U.S. arms market had revenue of $ 3,654,549,261. Who knows the fear of a new democratic administration Impose The new restrictions will affect somehow. The FBI should be contacted as soon as possible to determine how many background check requests were received in February: this would be a sign to explain.

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