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Army Magazine: British government scraps plans to build aircraft drones to support F-fighters

Army Magazine: British government scraps plans to build aircraft drones to support F-fighters

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The UK government has officially announced the cancellation of the “Mosquito Project” to produce unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV), which at the time of its launch seven years ago, was considered the first step in the ambitious British LANCA programme. A new light and low-cost fighter aircraft was developed, with the aim of producing an entirely British aircraft wing (Loyal Wing).
According to the British military magazine “Jeans”, the (Lanka) project was launched in 2015, and a government tender in 2019 attracted three participants for the design, demonstration and construction phase, including: Boeing Defense – Britain, Blue Bear System Research and its team, Avenger, this The team was called the Mosquito Group and included Bombardier Belfast (now Spirit Aerosystem), Shaolin-Lens and Northrop Grumman-UK. A £30 million contract was awarded to the Mosquito team in January 2021.
Commenting on the matter, the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement: “Further analysis found that greater capabilities could be achieved, more cost-effectively, by exploring other capabilities that are smaller, less expensive and have more additional capabilities. ,” noting, “The conclusion was strengthened in the light of parallel and direct tests of analyzes conducted by the RAF, Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DstL).
The department emphasized that the decision not to move forward with a particular technology model would not affect the overall goal of developing a more efficient and cost-effective force mix or “fidelity wing” concepts being studied under the future Combat Air Systems program. .
Air Commodore Jess Holmes, Head of the RCO Emergency Capabilities Office, commented on the decision: “Through Project Mosquito and other trial activities, the RAF is making significant progress and gaining significant value in deploying and deploying the various capabilities of unmanned vehicles into the future. This decision (cancellation) maximizes the learning achieved so far and enables us to change direction for the LANCA program.”
He said, “The RCO will immediately begin its operations to continue the RAF’s strong commitment to integrate more unmanned vehicle (rotor) capabilities into the force mix as soon as possible with more immediate benefits.”
A statement from the British Ministry of Defense pledged to work on achieving advanced and rapid capabilities in this framework, saying, “The LANCA program to develop new light and low-cost combat aircraft is still ongoing and is focused on improving capabilities beyond 2035. The concept of interdependence and integration between one system and another is key. is needed.” To install the system.

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