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“Art is Ethics” .. a crisis between the grandson of a famous artist and the wife of Hani Shaker

“Art is Ethics” .. a crisis between the grandson of a famous artist and the wife of Hani Shaker

During the past hours, the young artist Omar Al-Shennawi, grandson of the late artist Kamal Al-Shennawi, about an embarrassing situation he faced with the wife of the artist Hani Shaker, became the talk of social networking sites.

Al-Shennawi revealed that Shaker’s wife dealt with him in an arrogant manner, which left a negative negative impact on himself, as he put it.

“arrogant style”

The story began after El-Shennawy published on Facebook, the details of the story, and said: “I myself am telling about a situation that happened while I went to the opera to receive an honor on behalf of my late grandfather Kamal El-Shennawy, may God have mercy on him. And this ceremony honored the leader Adel Imam and the beautiful artist Lubna Abdel Aziz, and the concert was presented by the artist Hani Shaker, the captain of musicians, at that time I was 21 years old and wore my only suit and went and was terrified that for the first time I had a connection to the artistic community and its people alone without my grandfather with me.

Then he continued that the wife of the artist Hani Shaker entered the party, accompanied by her son and a friend, and the place allocated to them was next to him, explaining that the problem was the presence of only two chairs, numbering 3 people.

He added that Shaker’s wife called the organization’s official and asked her in the Egyptian dialect: “Who is this and why is he sitting here,” referring to him.

“It’s like I’m an insect.. I’m Hani Shaker’s wife!”

Then he added that the girl whispered to her in a low voice: “This is the place designated for Kamal El-Shenawy, or this is the grandson of Kamal El-Shennawy, or something else. God knows.” She said in a loud voice. We three would sit next to each other here. Hani Shaker, who is Al-Bayhi, the party, “And I pray, I am a bed bug, and I prefer standing and I do not intend to give up except when I am standing.”

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Al-Shennawi’s grandson continued telling the story: “The girl replied to her. She told her, “I have a solution. You are sitting in this class, and your son and his friend are sitting in another place in the class directly behind you.” She replied, “No, he is standing, we will sit here.” And no one knows who I am and because all the people started watching me, I was sitting in a place that was not my place, because no one would rise from a place designated for him with such boldness and arbitrariness. Fady, I got up quickly because I wanted this situation to end and people were preoccupied with another need, so she patted me and told me to be upset,” stressing: “This situation affected my psyche very much and I felt that I had no values. He personally and his art, because my belief that art and its people were sophistication and morals, and this happened with me, was far from my imagination for the people of art, but fate wants me in the same position, a beautiful artist like Lubna Abdel Aziz adjusts the rudder and shows me that everywhere in always sweet and beast.

“Art is elegance and morals”

And the grandson of Kamal El-Shennawy concluded: “Art is refinement, art is morals, art is not in dress, appearances and bragging, but in good biography and people’s love for you and your art.”

After this post, comments poured in, criticizing the behavior of Hani Shaker’s wife, which prompted El-Shennawi’s grandson to write an additional comment in which he said: “Oh, people, by God, I am sorry, but I am not telling this story because someone is slandered. The purpose of the story is that dealing with me under the circumstances of my entry into the hall on that day, I thought, would be similar to the feeling of anyone who stops or enjoys and I do not understand why he works with him like this, and that the behavior of the artist Lubna Abdel Aziz guided me and comforted me.

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And the communication sites reported this incident extensively, without any comment from the Syndicate of Artists so far.