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Artificial intelligence fulfills his wish.. Watch the moment Trump was arrested

Trump’s fake photo

Trump trial

A fake moment, but it is capable of turning the equation around and creating an imaginary reality that is easy to spread without organized criteria

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After fabricated photos spread of the moment the former US president was arrested Donald TrumpArtificial intelligence revealed mysteries that may negatively affect the political scene.

Former US President Donald Trump was and still is a fan of the limelight during his rule and beyond. And his pursuit of excitement prompted him to exploit the subject of his trial in criminal cases by announcing his wish to appear before the court handcuffed.

So far, the Manhattan court has not granted his wish. But the AI ​​was quicker to respond.

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With what swept news sites and social media about Trump’s arrest, the pioneers of the communication sites transmitted images designed by artificial intelligence, showing the process of arresting the potential rival of the current president, Joe Biden, in the upcoming presidential elections.

Although there is no disclaimer stating that the fabricated image of Trump’s arrest was generated by artificial intelligence, several indications included in the images confirmed its lack of credibility.

Trump’s fake photos

Starting from the site that worked on designing those images, which is the Midjourney Laboratory, which specializes in researching artificial intelligence programs. But he suffers from minor technical flaws in his designs, but they are crucial if they are actually noticed. Take Trump’s incomplete hand.

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The mere suspense imagined by the pictures is enough to imagine the realistic scene, and what might result from an incident of this magnitude, “a precedent for the arrest of a former president of the United States.”

Pictures that conveyed the confusion that may accompany Trump’s arrest. fall for the president. resistance. Great reaction to this news. Once the photos were published, they were re-shared on social media more than 5 million times.

A fake moment, but it is capable of turning the equation around and creating a fake reality that is easy to spread without organized criteria.

This is what policy makers have repeatedly warned about the possible misuse of artificial means by spreading misinformation, sowing discord and confusing the political scene.

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