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للفنانين فى هواياتهم مذاهب .. فريد الأطرش غاوى سجاد وليلى مراد مجنونة خزف

Artists have sects in their hobbies.. Farid al-Atrash Ghawi, carpets, and Laila Murad, Majnouna, ceramics

Everyone has a hobby that he likes to practice in his spare time or things he likes to collect and collect, and a large number of stars of the beautiful time had hobbies that were sometimes strange, and some of them liked to acquire and keep certain things.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine, issued in 1954, the magazine published an article about the hobbies of the stars, which cost them a lot of money.

The great artist Farid al-Atrash had a hobby that he was famous for among his colleagues, which is his intense love for rugs and his passion for acquiring valuable ones, and he was always keen on acquiring and collecting these rugs until he owned a very rare collection of them. Thousands of pounds.

On one occasion, Farid al-Atrash held a party in his house for a number of dignitaries, and one of them admired this room and the rugs that Farid bought in it and offered him a sum of money exceeding tens of thousands of pounds. Despite this, Farid al-Atrash refused this tempting offer in the torrent of his hobby and his favorite rugs.

As for the guitar, Laila Murad loved to collect ceramic pots and adorn all the walls of her house, and one time it happened that you were preparing to leave her house and go to a film company to contract to star in a movie and before she came out, one of these pots fell to the ground and crashed, which provoked her anger and sadness. A great revolution erupted, after which she sat weeping over her precious masterpiece, to the point that she forgot her date with the company.

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