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Arwa Omar announces her separation from her husband

Arwa Omar announces her separation from her husband

date of publication:
26 July 2022 23:53 GMT

Update date: 27 July 2022 4:40 GMT

The famous Yemeni social networking site resident in Saudi Arabia, Arwa Omar, announced her separation from her husband, stressing that she will not enter a second man in her life.

Arwa Omar’s announcement of her separation came in response to one of the followers through her personal account on Snapchat, who asked her: “Where is your husband?” To reply, she said: “There is no share, praise be to God.. In any case, God is pleased with him wherever he is.”

One of the followers asked for her hand, saying: “Divorce so that I can take you in the halal, girl.” Arwa Omar refused his request, saying: “It is impossible for men to enter my life, the second salvation.”

And one of the followers asked about the evidence that is still in her hand, despite her announcement of the separation, to reply, saying: “Let her be a memory for me, maybe.”

The Yemeni celebrity recently raised doubts about her separation from her husband, after publishing a video that talks about the injustice of women in married life, which she followed with some messages that talk about separation.

“Arwa” wrote many letters, which talked about the wrong choice and the destruction of marital relations, which raised doubts about her separation.

And she wrote in a message through her account on “Snapchat”: “The greatest pain is when there is disturbing noise in your heart and you cannot reveal it to anyone.

And she added: “The most difficult thing to die in your eyes is a person who is alive, the breaking of our hearts distorts our faces. If parting is what you aspire to, it is yours. Do it. Do not hesitate to lash me with his whip, because the whips of separation will not be.”

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And Arwa Omar recently announced the retirement of her activity on social networking sites in general.

And she appeared in a short video clip, circulated by the accounts concerned with celebrity news on social media, in which she said that she had transferred her account to the “Snapchat” application to an account of only 10 people, her husband and her friends.

The Yemeni celebrity added that she “has been away from social media for more than two weeks”, but she did not reveal the reasons behind her decision, saying only that she was “giving herself a rest.”

She pointed out that she closed one of her active accounts on social networking sites permanently, while she did not reveal “whether it was permanent or temporary retirement” and would return again, but then appeared in more than one video on Snapchat, which indicates that she retracted the decision to retire.