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As a businessman, in addition to good ideas, you also need a financial partner who will cover your back

On your way to a successful business venture, stop by one of Komerční banka’s business centers. Loans, financing company operations, purchasing materials or stocks, financing vehicles and transport equipment, billing, insurance, use of funds from the European Union and a whole host of other investments that are part of the daily routine for both beginners and beginners. Well-established businessman. But on the road to success You don’t have to rely only on yourself. its enough Choose a professional and experienced partner.


Do you know the business centers of Komerčni banka?

Yes, I actively and often use all the advantages that save me time, money and worries

Yes, you’ve heard of them before. I’m thinking of starting to use it as an entrepreneur

No, but they come to me as a great opportunity when I need help or aren’t sure about something

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Complete advice for freelancers and small businesses

Komerční banka is a traditional partner for entrepreneurs and small businesses through The company’s network of centers provides services and advice to clients So much so that for a long time it was only reserved for large corporations. The corporate center is part of the whole of twenty main branches of the Comerian Bank In Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and other major cities throughout the Czech Republic.

corporate centers They provide expert advice and individual services not only to clients from megacities, but also to businessmen from small regions. If you decide to use the services of a business center as an entrepreneur, your home branch will remain fully available to you. So you can use everyday banking services and make cash transactions as you used to. However, if you need advice in the field of more complex services or use individual advice, it is possible Call the corporate centerwhere you can Arrange a one-on-one meeting with a banking advisor.

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To do business with Komerční banka, you can get:

  • It is possible to access the account Payment terminal / PayPhone for 12 months free of charge As part of the Czech Republic event, pay by card
  • Business credit card with the possibility of obtaining it 1 percent of payments To a business account (cashback)
  • Overdrafts can be obtained with a limit of up to SEK 3,000,000 for a merchant account
  • The right company for you – Create a company for free, you only pay the legal fees
  • The digital workshop – Create a custom website
  • iAccount Accounting, including matching incoming payments with corporate and self-employed invoices
  • Invoiceroid – Quick issuance of invoices online with due date monitoring
  • Paymium – Online shop payment button

Recent background with a high degree of specialization

Every entrepreneur will certainly appreciate the possibility of being able to work with their advisor and other business center professionals Remote communication through modern technologies. So the video interview can take place, for example, in the building Corporate center in Komerční bankaat the customer’s main branch or at a location preferred by the customer, for example at their place of business or at the company’s premises.

specially arranged spaces corporate centers They allow the introduction of a number of useful applications, such as mobile banking for corporate customers or an online platform for handling currency risk. The services also cover the individual needs of the owners and company management, including offering products to employees. In corporate centers, customers also have access to the range of products of other members of the Komerční banka financial groupsuch as leasing or financing the purchase of vehicles, transport equipment, technology, factoring, insurance or consulting in the areas of use of funds from the European Union, foreign trade or investments.

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Komerční Bank’s constant priority is customer satisfaction, and it’s no different for corporate centers

Up to SEK 5 million with PROFI LOAN for business

Komerční Bank’s constant priority is customer satisfaction, and it’s no different for corporate centers. Their advisors are well aware of what their clients need, including in the area of ​​loan products. Professional loan from Komerční banka It offers a whole host of benefits.

Profi loan benefits

  • Approval within 5 days
  • For example, 100,000 crowns or up to 5 million crowns
  • Loan maturity up to 7 years
  • It is also possible without providing financial statements
  • Extraordinary installments and early repayment without fees


The corporate center is part of each of the 20 core branches of Komerční Bank in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and other large cities throughout the Czech Republic.