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As many as three quarters of new infections in Britain have an Indian coronavirus mutation

London In Britain, up to three-quarters of new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified by the Indian SARS-CoV-2 mutation, which is now the most common in the country. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said so. According to epidemiologists, the spread of the most contagious Indian mutation is likely related to the fact that the number of infected people in Britain is rising the most for the first time since April. The BBC said there were five more new cases last week than in the previous seven-day period.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health said that 3,542 people had tested positive for the Coronavirus in the last day, and the previous day, the number exceeded 3,000. However, new cases are now concentrated only in some areas, where stricter measures have been taken since the government’s decision since the end of last week. Affected communities include Bolton, Bedford, Blackburn and Darwin.

“Recent estimates indicate that more than half and possibly three-quarters of the new cases are due to this (Indian) mutation,” Hancock said. He also said that the spread of the Indian mutation in B.1.617.2 virus had not yet affected the number of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 or the number of deaths. However, according to him, the government still left time to think about the schedule for further easing of restrictions, which is due to come on June 21.

According to the Public Health Office of England (PHE), most people with proven Indian viral mutation have not been vaccinated. Also, people who have required hospital care after contracting the Indian coronavirus mutation are often not immunized. In Bolton, for example, 49 people ended up infected with the Covid-19 virus in hospital, and only five received two doses of the vaccine.

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For the British, the borders of France will be closed from Monday due to fears of an outbreak of an epidemic, and one day after Austria. The French government announced a ban on flights from Britain, except for urgent flights, but even in these cases, passengers are subject to a mandatory weekly quarantine. At the same time, France originally announced that trips for people who had been vaccinated and tested would also be possible on vacation. Germany also imposed a mandatory quarantine on the British last week.