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As millions of people are fleeing Ukraine, some countries are accepting more refugees than others

As millions of people are fleeing Ukraine, some countries are accepting more refugees than others

He said the Home Office had received a total of 8,900 applications under the scheme since last Friday, of which appointments were scheduled at Visa Application Centers for nearly half of the cases, subject to 340 security checks.

Dwyer Cummins said the government’s Ukraine family plan “will help tens of thousands of people in the UK reunite family members.”

Immigration lawyers, however, said the UK government should abandon the plan altogether and allow Ukrainians to seek asylum in the UK, whether with family ties or not.

Sonia Ciats of the Refugee Organization for Refugees, which has condemned Britain for “insisting on these visa-based programs” as Moldova has already accepted more than 82,000 exiles from Ukraine, called its efforts “horrible jokes”.

Said Sceats’ “bottom line” 1951 Refugee ConferenceUN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities The agreement, he said, “should put an end to these kinds of barriers and establish a policy that if you run for your life … you can come and seek asylum before you arrive.” . He pointed out.

Concerns raised in Kale

So far, most of the fugitives have traveled through Ukraine’s neighbors Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania, and thousands more to distant lands, including Germany, France and Ireland.

France is already embroiled in a conflict with Britain over its immigration policies Interior Secretary Gerald Dormann has accused the British government of “inhumane treatment” following reports that dozens of Ukrainian refugees had been deported to the Glasgow border and ordered to move to visa offices outside the port city. Guard I mentioned Sunday.

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British Home Secretary Priti Patel denied the French minister’s account and told the media: “I am correcting what the French government has said. The UK government is not expelling anyone or expelling anyone.”

Claire Mosley, founder of the refugee organization that supports refugees and asylum seekers in Galilee, said it was true that those who wanted to enter the UK were rejected. He said his team assisted Ukrainians in visa applications, but many of them found it difficult to book visa application meetings online.

Mosley said the UK’s handling of the situation was “not really surprising”. “It’s more generous than their usual approach.”

In dealing with the situation in the UK, immigration lawyers are targeting the UK government to try to introduce new rules as part of the Citizenship and Boundaries Bill. Crossing the English Channel by small boats.