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Asala announces the date of her daughter’s wedding

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The Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, announced the date of her daughter’s wedding, Sham Al-Dhahabi, during her party yesterday, which was held in the Global Village in Dubai.

Nasri said during the ceremony that Sham will celebrate her wedding at the beginning of next month, and asked the audience to celebrate it, according to Al-Jari magazine.

Sham announced her engagement to Ahmed Hilal in October 2021.

Sham will marry the Egyptian Ahmed Helal, who works in the field of contracting and is the son of one of the largest businessmen in Egypt, and a friend of Hani Saad, the husband of the star Dora.

Hilal recently participated in several family meetings and events at Asala’s house, and the Syrian artist follows him on his own account, and Sham Al-Dhahabi published a picture through her account, and Ahmed Hilal was present on the birthday of her grandmother, the artist’s mother, Asala.

The first photo that Sham Al-Dhahabi collected with her fiancé, was on December 25, 2020, and she appeared with him among her friends and colleagues.

This comes after Sham Al-Dhahabi announced her engagement last year, from Dr. Moataz Naseer, in a family party that was held inside her family’s house, but shortly after, the groom’s photos disappeared and she deleted them from her account and separated from Moataz quietly to get to know Ahmed and love him.

In turn, Asala announced for the first time that her daughter Sham would be associated with her during her participation in the “Sahranin” program with the star Amir Karara, and pointed out that she would soon marry someone who also enjoys her affection.

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This is the third man in Sham’s life, after she separated from her first husband, Ahmed Jawhar, and then separated from her former fiancé, Moataz Naseer.