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Asala is trying to overcome the crisis of Egypt’s party

The Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, refused to make any statement about her last concert in Egypt, which sparked a major crisis due to the Egyptian audience boycotting her. AndMore than one Arab satellite channel tried to communicate with Asala during the past few days to make statements regarding the crisis of her last concert that she held in Cairo, but the Syrian artist refused to comment on the matter, stressing that she is trying to overcome the crisis of the concert, and focuses on her next concert, which is scheduled to be held in Kuwait on Monday. May 13, according to what sources close to Asala told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

The owner of “Ghalban” tried to overcome the crisis by deleting all posts related to the party from her accounts on social networking sites, due to the negative comments and defamation that affected her person, especially in light of the audience’s boycott of him, so the organizers were forced to distribute free invitations to make the party the least popular for her.

The reason for the attack on Asala is due to her statements during the party she held in Saudi Arabia, that she “owes to this country all its fame.” Her statement angered many Egyptians, who accused her of denying the beauty, as Egypt was the one that “embraced her and her poets and composers presented her to the entire Arab world,” according to their opinion.

During the ceremony, Asala tried to apologize indirectly for what happened, saying: “My children speak the Egyptian dialect, and their friends are all Egyptian. I am proud of Egyptian art, and there is no human being who denies the virtue of Egypt.”

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