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أصالة نصري تعلق على تصرف شاكيرا مع والدها.. ماذا قالت؟

Asala Nasri comments on Shakira’s behavior with her father.. What did she say? – homeland

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homelandThe Syrian actress crossed Asala NasriShe expressed her admiration for the behavior of the Colombian singer Shakirawith her father, who is receiving treatment at a medical center in Barcelona.

human scene

Where Asala republished the video in which she appears ShakiraShe is training her father to move, and she kisses his feet to express her joy at his achievement.

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hung authenticityHow sweet is this good human scene?

Shakira had to spend her thoughts these days in the hospital, where her 91-year-old father is.

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It was Shakira’s office that confirmed her father’s status a few days ago. The text that ended his brief statement was: “Details about his health are preserved. So the family is asking for respect at this time while waiting to see his development.”

As in each of his previous health crises, William Mubarak’s wife and daughter stand by him in these trying times.

The matter was made clear in Shakira’s last post on “Instagram”, as she kissed her father’s feet after he was able to move them.

Arab Music Festival

On the other hand, salute authenticity Today, Thursday, the closing ceremony of the “Arab Music Festival”.

The Syrian artist prepared a surprise for her audience. The young artist Ahmed Salem, famous for the singer Al-Naqqash, will participate in the concert.

debate singer

revealed Ahmad Salem On his part, about his participation in the concert that the star, Asala, will perform at the end of the 31st session of the “Arab Music Festival”.

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Where the singer Al-Naqash posted on his Facebook account a video clip, in which he appeared rehearsing a group of Asala songs, such as “Qad Al-Haroof” and “A Al-Ali Jer.”

The Syrian artist wanted her fans to celebrate, and published her poster on her Instagram account. I accompanied him with a comment: “We will meet in a place where we will meet from many years ago… where we built memories and reached the limits of heaven with one voice… at the Egyptian Opera House, the most beautiful and oldest house for authentic Arabic music.”

And she continued, “The songs are very sweet, and we will present some of them in a new way that does not resemble anything before… Like a painting that painted the arrangement of the songs, once we dance, once we listen, and once we roam and we sing loudly.”

And Asala concluded: “We will leave all the pains outside and meet on a date for joy, hope, mourning, love, and love… The closing night of the Arab Music Festival will bring us together, you and I, in the charming family of Cairo.”

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