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Asala releases her latest song, “Shabeh Rouhi”

Written by Bahaa Nabil

Saturday, May 13, 2023 03:00 PM

The Syrian star posed Asala NasriHer latest song, “Shabih Rouhi”, was posted on the YouTube video site. The song is written by Nour Al-Mushairi, composed by Fayez Al-Saeed, and distributed by Zaid Nadim.

The star, Asala, celebrated the engagement of her brother Anas, in a family atmosphere, wishing him happiness and success in his new life. The dearest to my heart and soul, today, he got engaged to a boy who loves her, and we loved her. Her name is Nihal Badr. May God bless you, and your journey will be sweet in all the sweet times. Congratulations on your love story, and congratulations on this joy.

And the star, Asala, performed a concert next to Lake Cairo, next to the Museum of Civilization, and started with the song “Thank you, who is our supervisor,” amidst a great cheer from the audience..

And the star, Asala, said, during her ceremony, that her children speak the Egyptian dialect and their companions are all Egyptian, and I am proud of Egyptian art, and there are no human beings who deny the virtue of Egypt, and she paid tribute to the star Ramy Sabry, who is present at the party..

While the star Ramy Sabry performed with the star Asala during the song My Life Is Not Complete, amidst a great cheer from the audience, and he also presented a song with her, and it is difficult for us except to part with the late Warda..

The star, Asala, recently released her new song, “Sayed Al-Gharam,” which is a duet with singer Asmaa Lmnawar. The long one between me and my partner, the great talent, the owner of the sweetest hoarseness in history, Asmaa Lamnawar.

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