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Asala: The rumor of my divorce repels the eye and envy

Asala: The rumor of my divorce repels the eye and envy

She said, “These are rumors that are being launched against anyone, so can you imagine how many rumors they have launched against me since my beginnings until today.”

And behind the scenes of her concert, which the Iraqi artist participated in Majed El MohandesAt the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, she said: Asala Nasri To “Sky News Arabia”: “These rumors are being fired at anyone, so can you imagine how many rumors they have launched against me since my beginnings until today!”

And she continued, “I have convinced myself that rumors can refute the eye and envy sometimes. My husband and I have a love and love relationship. I think, not even sure, that it has no end, it is a love that reaches the limits of heaven.”

And about her impression of the concert, which was attended by more than 14,000 people, she said: “The concert was wonderful and full of positive energy. Usually in my concerts I leave an extra tone that I do not say during the concert’s rehearsals, but I leave it to the stage, because the energy I am talking about is what gives my voice a greater impetus, It makes my voice space louder.”

And about her new decision to perform the songs of other artists at her concerts, she said: “I made the decision to sing for other artists in order to enjoy and delight the audience with these songs, which can come as a surprise to them at every concert. for the Emirates and its people.

As for the space that she gives to the musicians of her orchestra, by playing solo at the beginning of some of her songs, she said: “I recently discovered that what I was most attached to in this life is MusicI was attached to her more than my children and anything that belongs to me, and even more than my life, so I decided to attach great importance to this matter that I love.”

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And she continued, “As for the musicians, they are my family that I chose, and with them I feel safe, and each of them when he performs his own solo, as if he adopts me during his performance to turn into a father, a brother and a dear friend, and most of them are very dear friends. I also feel that sometimes they do not take the space. enough to express their creativity.

Asala added, “As you have noticed, the playing of the oud and the flute during tonight’s concert was wonderful, and the Iraqi musician Wissam Khassam was not ordinary, as well as the Egyptian musician Mahmoud Sorour was amazing, in addition to the organist Andrew, who I consider a genius.”

Asala presented a group of her most prominent new and old songs at the ceremony, including the image, Rouh and Soul, Hanin, and it was important to me, and Bint Akaber, and gifted her son Khaled Al-Dhahabi, who was present among the audience, the song “You allow me all.”

On the other hand, Asala met Majed Al Mohandes behind the scenes of the ceremony organized by the “Moments Events” company, and the latter was satisfied with taking souvenir photos with Asala without making any press statement due to his late arrival on stage.

And since the engineer appeared on the concert stage, until the audience was enthusiastic and cheering, to start his link with a group of songs, including Thirsty, Shake You Longing, and changed my style.

These songs were enough to ignite the wide parts of the stage, cheering and echoing the lyrics of the songs, which prompted the engineer himself to stand stunned and thank the audience for his performance, his feeling, and his participation in singing.

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And after the audience repeatedly asked him for Iraqi money, he was not from “Al-Prince” except that he met the request, and sang “Ali Mawdak” preceded by the famous “Faqir Libya” money.