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Ashamed of the disintegration of sport: compared to other European countries, we are very strict

“I hope the steps make sense and make sense for people to follow them,” he said, among other things, of the plan to dismantle the shy amateur sport.

According to him, children and youth under the age of 19 can play sports again in larger groups in the second wave, that is, on May 3, on the basis of the government package presented on Thursday. Adults wait even longer: up to the fourth package.

However, limitations are also part of the deconstruction.

“Children and youth under the age of 19 can play sports in a group of twelve people with an area of ​​fifteen square meters per person. It’s the first step toward being able to exercise normally, at least in groups.” Said Blacho, who leads the coaches division in the department. Football Development In Football Association (FACR), “It is less than what some countries have done, but it is the first step in the direction we asked for.” This change was officially confirmed later.

What else was he talking about?

A safe outdoor sport. Research shows that the risk of injury during training is minimal

On the risks of infection in outdoor sports: “We have found from many studies around the world that once the air flows, the transmission of the Covid virus and other viruses becomes very difficult. In the normal air usually found in Europe, the infection is as large as thirty centimeters from the face. But with a greater distance, it is difficult. It was also proven by studies conducted on athletes by the Germans, when they trained the injured and were in contact with others. However, they did not become infected. “

Whether you will need mouth and nose protection when playing outdoors: “We simply knew this at that time. We start from the conditions of the shops and it is a different situation as the air does not circulate there. Ventilation is required in closed spaces. This is probably the most important thing to do for protection. For example, the Germans pumped about half a billion euros into a campaign.” Ventilation. “

Football for children - illustrative photo
Football for children - illustrative photo

What is the indoor sports site: “Logically, the measures should be around a cubic meter and ventilation rather than a square meter. When you have a small space with a low ceiling, the air doesn’t flow, it gets filled quickly, and then the virus lives there for up to hours. When someone comes into the room they got infected in since … Two hours, it’s still there. When it gets ventilated and the air leaves … When the large inflatable halls clean the filters and the air changes constantly, the conditions should be similar to the outdoor environment. Charles University is able to simulate and measure this, as there are slightly worse conditions on the ice. Dispersion slows. “

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Overview: How will it unfold? The first will open shops and bars until the end

Whether or not groups of athletes will have to be tested: “There are twelve members in the proposal with a test, and we would like it to be without tests. First, because they are homogeneous groups of players, one and the same group, they meet regularly. Secondly, it is in a safe outdoor environment. Third, outdoor sports in Europe take place this way and in The vast majority are also without tests. We would like that to be the case as well, because the governments of other countries are not stupid. We will see testing as a good precaution when they start playing and the teams start mixing. It makes sense for us there. “

On the negative impact of lack of exercise on children: “The biggest concern is always the unknown. In fact, we don’t know what all the implications of that could be. The Czech Kinanthropological Association issued a statement: loss of lung ventilation, impaired cardiovascular system, increased obesity, skin algae, internal lipids) … these are physical parameters, but they are always related to the psyche. Epidemiologists know very well that epidemics are not only about numbers. But also about how people are able to defend themselves against viruses, about the body’s defenses. How it relates to the psyche. Happy people, who have processes To promote health and can exercise they are more defensive. “

Ecstasy has been replaced by despair. A psychologist about the impact of the lockdown on children and their lives

Interview with Milan Studnica

On whether some children are expected to return to exercise: “The worst thing is that the active kids, who enjoy it indefinitely, will come back and go on and compare for months or years. It is worse for a group that does not know whether or not they want to exercise. Staying home in the long term in the manner of school, computer, entertainment and computer will not It also helps.There is a loss of posture, increased comfort. These babies can have a big problem, and there can be a critical factor: “Why don’t you stop moving? These are the children who will increase their disease numbers in the future. This is very important.”

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On the ability to comply with measures even with greater openness to sport: “In January and February, snow had reached a height of thirty centimeters, and the boys changed outside anyway. They have learned that, they have hardened, they are more ready for disease to affect them. Now that the sun is shining, it is Basically fun for them.It’s also important for coaches’ honesty to make sure that boys and girls do not pile up before training, that they change separately, and that they do not stick together, as is common in the supermarket, in doctors’ waiting rooms. ‘

Young boys have a great time playing hockey.

Young boys have a great time playing hockey.

On the necessity of cooperation between sport and the government: “When you go to someone with limitations, he tries to get around, or do it his way, or go straight to the fencing. But when you reach out and say,“ Let’s work together, because we need a lower injury rate so that we can train and live normally? ”He avoids it. Even worse, the outstretched hand begins the responsibility of the people. He fights? He never.

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About himself about the process of disintegrating sport: “From the very beginning, we reached out to work together, and from the beginning it seemed that no one wanted to listen to us. Now it seems that someone is starting to realize what we can offer. It can be planned, but it depends on the severity of our disease. We count the number per 100,000 every day. “.

About measures in neighboring countries: “Germany and Austria are perhaps the most stringent countries in the world. We know there is a lot of discipline out there, and the ranking of those countries is elsewhere. We are between Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary. They have more injuries, but they have not closed the sport at all, they drove almost without They take a break and train under better conditions. ”

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About certain conditions in other European countries: “Belgium can conduct training sessions in groups of ten to eighteen years. The Netherlands runs without restrictions and is considering starting the match in mid-May. There is a lot of it. What is interesting to us is the example of Portugal, which chose the Ministry of Health two weeks ago as a model country. April 5, they started training for four, on April 19 they had a plan of six, from May 3 they would play. But they managed to keep the number of accidents low thanks to the company, and on the nineteenth they started competitions. Spain, for example, ranked 200, which was On our day before yesterday, I played matches from the age of 12. The approach is different, we are very strict against others.

On the impact of the absence of training and matches on the future generation of actors: “I don’t want to say it out loud, I hope it doesn’t reach the boys who could be in the national team. But it could have an impact, it depends on what happens in Europe. About whether the qualifications of the youth teams will start in the fall. When they meet Boys who have not trained for half a year with those who trained for half a year, we do not erase that … ”

About the estimated reboot history of amateur competitions: Towards the state, we are not talking about competitions yet. We want to have well-designed first steps to make sense. Those matches could start in mid-May, for example, depending on the occurrence. Until then, we have to figure out what we can do about it. There is a lot of systematic action to be taken. Indoor sports have already whistled, but outdoor sports have a great opportunity. “