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Ashes of Empire: The Injustice of the British Army’s Burning of Kenya’s Forests

British media revealed that British soldiers burned entire forests in Kenya, and activists filed a lawsuit against him.

  • Ashes of Empire: Britain's Burning Injustice in Kenya
    Ashes of Empire: Britain’s Burning Injustice in Kenya

Find the locationClassified“Six decades after the end of colonial rule in Kenya, British forces are accused of causing serious environmental damage to the North African country.”

According to the site, “Two years ago, British military personnel burned an entire forest in Kenya. The incident burned 7,000 acres, and caused environmental suffering to the people of Kenya.”

England players started five small fires at other training camps in Kenya in the month leading up to the Loldiga fire in March 2021.

And the media said, “The British Army insists that no communal land was damaged as a result of the fire. It claims that it is only responsible for the burning of Loldaiga Reserve, which is a private property, but this is contrary to facts.” According to the site.

“A second problem is that the British Army refuses to acknowledge that the fire caused other problems, including water pollution and health problems, as smoke and ash spread around the area,” the report pointed out. In addition, he refuses to acknowledge that “fires increase poverty and cause people to suffer from malnutrition and the burning of farms and other.”

For their part, environmentalists have filed lawsuits against the British military, but British law firm Denton Hamilton, Harrison and Matthews tried to claim that the British military enjoys “sovereign immunity” from any prosecution in Kenyan courts.

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