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أسوشيتدبرس: الصين تحقق تقدما جديدا فى الفضاء بنجاح إرسال 3 رواد

Associated Press: China is making new progress in space by successfully sending 3 astronauts

China has made new progress in the booming space struggle by sending a crew of three astronauts to its new space station, the Associated Press said.

The crew is scheduled to stay three months in the station’s main living unit, and they will conduct science experiments, maintenance, space walks, and prepare the facility to receive two additional units next year.

While China acknowledges that it is late to the space station match, it says its facilities are advanced and could outlast the International Space Station, which is nearing the end of its useful life.

The successful launch of the mission also revives China’s manned space program after a five-year hiatus. After today’s mission, China has sent 14 astronauts into space since it first achieved this feat in 2003 when it became the third country after the former Soviet Union and Russia to do so.

With the beginning of China’s economic boom in the early 1990s, Beijing laid out its first plans for space exploration, which it carried out with a steady and cautious cadence. super satellite.

The agency notes that the space program is part of a general effort to put China on the path to more, more ambitious missions and offer opportunities for cooperation with Russia and others, particularly the Europeans.

The new mission, Ni Haisheng, Liu Beoming and Tang Hangbo, were pilots of the Chinese Army Air Force who graduated with strong scientific degrees and backgrounds. They were recruited from the army. For Ni, the team leader, this is his third trip into space, and he participated in the 2008 mission that saw China’s first spacewalk.

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