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“Astronauts” on Dubai TV in a second season

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Dubai TV announced the return of the “Astronauts” program in its second season, in line with the strategy and vision of the UAE and its interest in the field of space sciences and astronomy, with the participation of 12 male and female candidates from various Arab countries.

Each candidate must prove himself and his abilities throughout the ten episodes, which include more than 30 tests and missions, based on severe psychological, mental and physical challenges, all of which simulate the exercises adopted by international space agencies, for example, training on a multi-axis chair, training to endure G-force, diving And others, with the jury composed of Scott Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut, with the longest tenure as a crew member on the International Space Station. Saud Karmostaji, Chief of Operations for the Emirates Astronaut Programme, and Dr. Samah Karaki, a neuroscientist, author, and speaker in the field of social and educational neuroscience. The panel’s collaborators evaluate the nominees: Nicole Marie, an American engineer and retired NASA astronaut, and Mikhail Kornienko, a flight engineer and retired Russian cosmonaut.

leading role

Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Radio and Television Sector at Dubai Media Incorporated, indicated that Dubai’s multiple channels support and keep pace with the UAE Vision 2021 launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aims to: The UAE will be among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union, in the field of keeping pace with the scientific, cultural and social movement in the various emirates of the country, through its television, radio and digital programs, which are not without a remarkable presence, which are prepared and presented by a media and professional team specialized in this field.

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For her part, Sarah Ahmed Al Jarman, Director of Dubai TV, pointed out the importance of the profession of astronauts in conjunction with the UAE’s direction to explore space, including the training and challenges entailed in carrying out this mission as a real astronaut, and in which the program simulates the standards of space agencies to train astronauts. Participants from all over the Arab world will be subject to working with former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly to reach their dream. He added: Our goal is to always strive to provide the best experiences from around the world to enrich the content of the program to empower and support the participants.

difficult profession

Astronaut Scott Kelly expressed his happiness for joining the astronaut program with a group of ambitious participants in the field of space. In space, he taught me a lot, including many physical and technical challenges, so it takes a real commitment to ensure your success in this business.”