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Astronomers are puzzled by mysterious alien signals from the center of our Milky Way galaxy

Researchers at the University of Sydney recently discovered mysterious radio signals emanating from the center of our galaxy that do not match any previously known type of wave.

Astronomers have spotted mysterious radio waves emanating from the heart of our Milky Way, and they don’t know what it is that emits these waves.

Scientists know that all celestial bodies emit radio waves, such as planets, stars, dead stars and even asteroids, but researchers at the University of Sydney recently discovered radio signals that do not match any of the known types of waves.

These waves, which originate near the center of the Milky Way, do not appear to come from any type of star, planet or space rock that scientists have seen before.

Surprisingly, the strength of this signal has diminished dramatically in just a few months.

By contrast, most objects in the galaxy do not change much from year to year, and therefore their radio waves do not.

The researchers say this “signal appears to be randomly switched on and off, something we’ve never seen before.”

Papers on the discovery were published in The Astrophysical Journal, in which the researchers concluded that the mysterious source of this radio signal “may represent a new class of objects”.


What would trigger signals in this way?

Are aliens trying to contact Earth?

How do humans with current technologies manage to pick up signals perhaps millions of light years away?

Questions among others that we discussed in a new interview from the #Whats_New program with the media #Ashraf_Shehab, and the guest of the meeting was Dr. Omar Fikry, Head of the Planetarium Department at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from Alexandria, Egypt.

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To watch the full meeting: