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At Ben Gurion Airport … Roman Abramovich’s eyes widen in confusion

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When Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea FC in 2003, fate would have made his location rich for the media and press, and would the most popular newspapers and international websites rush to film him or find him?

On February 12, the last photo of the Russian millionaire was taken, before things changed, he became the outrageous Baria by the United Kingdom, the European Union and the US government. The Russian rich must be one of the most affected by these measures.

His medical eyes were dazzled, and his head was completely covered in gray as the 55-year-old Chelsea FC sports genius sat in his first appearance in a black jacket in the VIP lounge at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. Since the beginning of the political crisis, the consequences for the game, coming in a separate plane.

Only two photos were widely circulated on the most popular international sites, and they are said to have been taken shortly before the Russian millionaire’s flight to Istanbul took off and landed in Turkey. Take off in Israel or on a plane.

On Thursday, London froze Abramovich’s assets and banned him from traveling as part of a new ban by the British government, which estimated his net worth at 9. 9.4 billion (.1 11.1 billion, $ 12.2 billion).

Abramovich became the main target of the authorities in the United States and Europe, who promised to seize boats, planes and other property belonging to wealthy Russians.

Sanctions against Abramovich came amid widespread Western repression of the wealthy business elite, and the EU began to seize their assets, including giant boats anchored in Mediterranean ports.

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