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At the front in Donbass, Russia captured civilians and Macron offered to hold a conference on security in Europe

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukenko extended military exercises that were due to end on Sunday. In the photo provided by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense, soldiers take their positions during military exercises at the Obuz-Lesnovsky exercise in Belarus.
author’s squf; The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense via AP

sUnits that participate in joint military training in Belarus will not leave the country, but will remain in the country. how EckelBelarusian Defense Minister Viktor Cherin said that the purpose of their stay would be “training in those stages of the defensive operation that were not carried out during the original exercises”. According to him, the agreement remains the same, “to ensure an appropriate response and de-escalation of military preparations in the vicinity of our common borders.” The Russian-Belarusian exercises were supposed to end on Sunday.

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