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At the G7 summit, Johnson argued that variance was due to Brexit Perostlo.

Corbis Bay (Britney) Reuters wrote that tensions over agreements on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union rose at the summit of the economically strong G7 nations in the British Cornwall. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, argued that he had agreed to move a smooth flow of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain, and proved this on board.

In response, French President Emmanuel Macron said it was important to focus on important issues, not sausage transport. Later, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Saturday held talks with Macron and European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and urged him to approve the deal.


Disagreements are part of the Brexit agreement known as the Northern Ireland Protocol. The protocol is that Northern Ireland will follow the same trade rules as the EU in order to avoid creating a difficult border with Ireland. To the displeasure of the Union, London unilaterally postponed the promise to restrict goods on the route between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain, or, according to Johnson’s government, disrupting the day-to-day movement of goods. In response to the birds on Saturday, EU President Johnson threatened to use Section 16 of the UK Code of Conduct and suspend it unilaterally. According to Reuters, there are fears that such action could trigger a trade wolf.

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Johnson did not explain to the French president the problem with the board’s Northern Ireland protocol regarding transportation, and asked Macron what he would say if the boards made in Toulouse could not be carried to the bay. Macron responded that Toulouse and Pa were the bite of a geographical country and that Northern Ireland was an island. According to The Sunday Telegraph, Macron’s response was that Northern Ireland was not the mouthpiece of Britain.

British Foreign Secretary Dominique Rob called Macron’s years offensive and called on EU officials to respect him. Many EU officials in the Gulf of Corbis, but for the first time and for many years, spoke of Northern Ireland as a kind of separate state. That’s right, said Rob. So in an interview with Sky News on Saturday, Johnson said some people clearly do not want the UK to be 100. The British Prime Minister reiterated to the public that Britain had done anything to protect the unity of his country.

However, according to the French presidency, Macron thought differently of his objection to Johnson’s PMRA. The President wanted to point out that this is a different situation and that such a first place is wrong, he explained the Elysee thumb. He reminded the Elysee thumb (Prime Minister) that leaving the EU was decided by the British and that you should stick to that word. SM Macron later said it was time for him to end labor disputes and return to basic issues.

We hope to be able to implement together what we signed a few months ago, Elic reported at the Thumb Summit. He was joined by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who outlined that the agreements should be ratified.

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According to Dominican Robin’s British diplomacy, the European Union is not bound by this agreement. Rob said the text and its spirit should be fulfilled. He thus accused the European authorities of having an unbalanced attitude. Edwin Boots, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, the largest political party in Northern Ireland, said the government should stop talking about the rights of Northern Ireland ethics and withdraw from it.

The diplomat, who attended a G7 summit, announced the full Brexit debate for his attention. Macron told him (Johnson): Do not say you do not know what you are signing (when you signed the Brexit agreement in December), a French ambassador said.

Despite the Brexit split, Johnson said participants in the summit discussed a large amount of darkness. At the summit, there was a huge amount of work, which had nothing to do with Brexit, he said.