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At the time of the forced closure of the restaurant, the popularity of food boxes increased and the quality of the kitchen increased home, home

Prague Marcella’s entrapment during the past year due to the forced closure of the salon has not been able to fully exercise her permit. Displaying the lesions in front of the TV and knee surgery had an impact on her condition and general condition. Therefore, the specialized company decided to take the so-called ready-to-take food package, and also package it in cartons once a day.

Children have grown up, and I am also practically unknown to whom. You don’t have to shop and think what I’ll be like each day. Plus, I’ve learned to eat healthy, says Trader LN of Zlin. In the past year, they found themselves in a similar situation. The diet of Karabek is increasing in our country. Dvno isn’t just for kids, which I focused on for many years.

If we compare the first quarter of this year with the last quarter, we will find that it is one hundred percent and one hundred percent. The biggest concern is weight loss and spanking programs. During a pandemic, clients move with me and don’t adjust their eating habits. It’s a natural speech and you want it. There is a group of customers who don’t have time to cook, but want to eat healthy food, said Jacob Krause, owner of LN for Vital Box, Jacob Krause.

The elderly and nursing mothers

The massive demand has definitely been affected by the coronavirus epidemic and associated restrictions. The closed restaurant had a double effect on the company.

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It was possible to work with several cooks from outposts in Prague, which had been closed for a long time. Of course, we improved on the contents of the boxes. It’s a big throw, because customers have said it to each other. Krause added that we have agreed with them that they will stay.

It is definitely not the cheap alternative to a boarding house. Often times, even one page doesn’t contain a small family budget. Keep Fit from Vital Box for 28 days costs 10,500 kronor. There are also very expensive software on the list.

The wave of new customers has been welcomed by Zdrav stravovn, which reported year-over-year sales increase last year. If we look at it from the point of view of the number of customers, in 2020 we had an average of 3,500 customers per day from January to April, and in the same period in 2021, we had more than 5,000 customers per day, said LN Director Zdrav Stravovn Luk Drlk.

Due to your request, the company has also expanded the offer and is currently offering meatless meals, for seniors, for nursing mothers or vegetarians. According to Drlek, the most popular diet program is the one called Health, which is perhaps the most universal option.

But you can also see secrets in getting it to the region. The delivery of a lot of sunshine covers the Czech Republic and central Slovakia, so the import has gone not only in the eyes of the big cities. Don’t go ahead, we’ve built a database of more than 20,000 recipes over the years, which we adjust according to the preferences and feedback from the customer, he said.

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Nkup at bedn a to home

The growing appetite for healthy food has recently been reflected in other sectors. In addition to food boxes, I have also enjoyed agricultural produce during the pandemic. Of course, the inability of agricultural markets to service also plays a role. However, this appears to be a long-term trend.

We recorded a new half-figure in the number of customers on average around 50 and 80 percent compared to the million cubic meters before the pandemic. We are now moving into very similar hearings as was the case last year in the spring during the pandemic, and the influx of newly charged clients has also not happened, said Svt Bednek founder Jana Bnov.

According to them, it is attractive for customers to buy a home. But at the same time I would like to support the Czech farm, which is not possible for you in all online supermarkets. With us, customers buy a combination box and add a classic purchase in the form of meat and small products, or you can buy the product entirely yourself. Also, don’t buy a box for elephants, but usually put potatoes, onions, apples, coo and yogurt in a coke, as the owner described.

Fresh bednky manages to be so enthusiastic about new customers that the European Union has not been able to single-handedly distribute its goods. So he contacted the Rohlk supermarket via the Internet, through which he intended to sell his products.