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At the vtin restaurant it’s about my guest’s aunt, a solid bond. Because of the controls

In addition, some companies have booked space for external events, orders due to the uncertain situation. The government must provide a clear course of action to be taken in light of the evolution of the pandemic. Thus, there is the issue of supporting entrepreneurs in the city, which should now at least help beat the staff.

According to Strick, the deserted restaurant should not be questioned due to the increased sweat caused by the coronavirus. However, I don’t know that the same restrictions that restaurants, for example, must adhere to, apply in a seductive canteen, Strick said. According to him, there must be systems. At the same time, it is mainly used as a means of coercion to allow people to be restrained. According to him, the costs are borne by the service provider.

However, not all companies reported a negative impact of the new measure. For example, a set of cracked wine bars. Our experience is that customers come to us more with the onset of cold weather and the onset of winter. In the meantime, experience confirms that the correct examination did not disturb the guests in any way, said co-owner of Vinograf Jan Horeovsk.

Orders have orders

According to Jan Foret, a food delivery service in Rt, last week Wolt’s food service saw an increase in orders as a percentage. According to him, the introduction of infection controls in restaurants has undoubtedly manifested itself. He said that based on local experience, we assume it would be an alternative for many people to serving food at home.

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Vad nm, e stt pestal Payment of tests to the President of the Hotel Association

He added that one of the main factors behind the increasing demand for food imports is the deteriorating weather conditions. At the same time, it strengthens the trend of distributing food and more goods and thus the number of taxes affects Wolt’s expansion into other cities.

From November 1, employees in cafes, bars, restaurants and bars must check to see if guests have evidence of vaccination in their offices, prolonged covid-19 in the latter half of the year, or a negative test. Antigenn 24 h plate, PCR test is possible 72 h after collection. In two restaurants, only people with a certificate of infection could sit in the restaurants, but it was enough for the restaurant to have information about the nurses developed in the company.

Restaurant hygiene experts have also examined the new label: