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Kluci z Fotbalové akademie Petra Voříška Děčín při tréninku na Městském stadionu u nádraží.

Athletes from the Dín region are outraged! Let the children play sports in the hallway

Ondřej Michálek, the lead coach of ice hockey in the first and fifth classes of HC Děčín and a member of the Sports Committee, has turned to the city of Děčín itself due to the whole situation. He sent an open letter to the members of the councils and representatives. We prepare the full text.

Dear gentlemen,

I am addressing you on behalf of the sub-city sports committee. This text is intended for everyone who can take steps in this regard in higher places that will accelerate the return of young athletes to indoor sports stadiums – gyms, halls and swimming pools.

We greatly appreciate the effort to gradually negotiate terms for outdoor sports, but this is only one part of the youth in the Czech Republic. From our point of view, we will not “reap” the effects of closing indoor sports fields on our youth until after several years.

There are disturbing reports from publicly available sources tracking the physical proportions of our youth before the Covid-19 pandemic and now, one year after the nearly continuous closure of indoor sports stadiums. Not only in the realm of physical health – a sharp increase in obesity in children, but also in the realm of mental and mental health – apathy and loss of appetite for engaging in sports, the most common depressive states, which in my opinion could be called “comfort syndrome”. “

Therefore, I would like to think in this way whether it is in the interest of our children (the future of our state) the tried and tested system for professional sports (antigen testing can play sports indoors), which will accelerate the return to normal ”and allow for safe sports within HAL.

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We do not want to reduce the severity of the epidemic through this activity, but we want to look for ways that will benefit both parties and lead to lessening the impact on our young athletes over the next ten years.

For the Sports Committee of the City of Dín

Mgr. Ondřej Michálek

Ice hockey coach Classes 1-5 Class HC Děčín