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Athletes’ use of cupping draws attention at the Tokyo Olympics (photos)


The use of air cupping therapy, “cupping”, has reappeared among the athletes participating in the “Tokyo 2020” Summer Olympics, drawing everyone’s attention in recent times.

The use of cupping therapy by many athletes spread in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, so that the European media began to talk about the matter, especially as it is considered a more popular treatment method among Arabs, unlike the countries of Europe.

And the British newspaper, The Independent, talked about the use of cupping by athletes, especially swimmers in the Tokyo Olympics, saying: “Many Olympic swimmers use cupping, which has its origins in the Middle East and Greece,” and although the scientific evidence of its benefits is inaccurate, but it is widely popular.

The effects of the circular spots left by cupping were seen on the bodies of many athletes in the Olympics, most notably the Japanese swimmer Akira Namba and the Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers.

Athletes’ use of cupping draws attention at the Tokyo Olympics (photos)Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers

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At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the well-known American swimmer Michael Phelps appeared, after he performed cupping, and everyone at that time talked about the matter and its benefits, to show many athletes and confirm that it helps them quickly.

Players say that they resort to the use of cupping to relieve pain and help treat physical stress, resulting from continuous training and participation in competitions.

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